Welcome! I am Denny Hunt - media host, Practitioner of the "Deep Subconscious Channeling and Trauma Resolution" (DSC/TR) healing modality and Certified Teacher of the "Lightworker Healing Protocol" (LHP); both developed by Karl Mollison at GetWisdom.com

On this website you will find information about two very powerful healing modalities: the Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) and Deep Subconscious Channeling/Trauma Resolution (DSC/TR). Both can profoundly change your life and that of your loved ones for the better, releasing long-standing and stubborn suffering.

You will also find hidden information about our world (in the form of interviews and books) and the benevolent and malevolent forces that influence it, with profound answers to the real problems that confront humanity and our very survival.

Make yourself at home. Take your time to explore. And keep following your intuition.


This website is dedicated to the work of Karl Mollison and the Mission of GetWisdom.com.