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  • Great doing the meditation and breakfast with you! I'll get back with you with a written explanation of the Morse Fellowship channeling material from the 1950's soon.

  • I love these Sunday chats. Also looking forward to using your webpage to find the names of many of the books you've read. You've found your mission.

  • Denny…so I need to know about the outdoor room you are in! It looks fantastic. I'm the guy who recognized the Maxfield Parrish prints… talk to me about the who, what and where of this room as I would like to do here in NC…Frank. Oh, loved the vid….

  • The light is always tender and kind, and always loving to someone's higher good. The frequency 'footprint' of the negative is really obvious when compared with that. I asked how do you know when something is coming from the good side (michael lee hill calls it team good cop vs team bad cop) and the answer coming from an angelic medium, is that you CAN know whether the source of anything is coming from the light vs the dark, by just asking is it tender, is it kind, is it unconditionally loving to you, or in tone? You are absolutely right about the 'interference' ramping up with corey good v dark journalist, etc. We all need to name the true enemy to unity in the community.

     I also wanted to urge everybody to listen to michael lee hill's various interviews …. i started with fade to black jimmy church's most recent interview with michael, and then i listened to michael with JP wolf spirit radio, AND then i found sheldon ray bird playing 432 herz music and talking at the starknowlege conference . . . . . it is blowing my mind! in a good way!

    Maybe listening to 432 music (instead of 440) while going to sleep can help keep the astral attacks at bay. I have also heard that you ask for protection, coming from a place that you deserve to be protected, not vulnerability, before going to sleep, and really anytime you feel the negative coming at ya. The 432 discussion with michael is just incredible information. It was for me.

     Anastasia in the ringing cedars series, says we are the sons and daughters of the source creator, made in the image of the source creator, and we deserve to be OK. Love and abundance and health are our birthright —- therefore ANY kind of bad team attack is unacceptable, that's the mindset that helps I think, being protected. It does NOT mean staying ignorant of the dark information that is all over our true human history, or who are these entities that are up to no good? Speaking of naming, i think naming these entities, identifying them individually, knowing their history, is a really powerful thing to try to do, especially in the UFO community. I've been noticing Richard Dolan is naming in his false flag/ufo lectures (melbourne conference is incredible and a speech he gave in marin county last year that i can't remember the name of the conference.) Richard Dolan, what a warrior.

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