Theresa Talea & the Eternal Humans26April2018

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Theresa Talea & the Eternal Humans 26 April 2018

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Theresa Talea bravely exposes the realms and identities
of the gods and angels in the large, third edition of
Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods: How an Ex-Prophet
and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and

She grew up the daughter of a prophet, receiving numerous
prophecies until she gradually realized the messages and
their sources were not what they appeared to be. Her quest
for truth, no matter how difficult the path, uncovered a
multitude of layers in not only herself but also the
cosmos and beyond. She presents significant histories of
the Earth and Milky Way galaxy, showing our position and
options toward a proactive and hopeful future.

This ground-breaking book was written for people who want
profound love and truth. It critically and fairly analyzes
prevalent religious, New Age, and scientific beliefs,
bringing them to face their similarities and inherent
contradictions, and push past their self-imposed limits
to relatively new ideas. These ideas are based on
pre-existing knowledge that our current paradigms have
largely forgotten.

Talea believes knowledge is power, and the insightful
information she provides will connect the dots that her
predecessors misrepresented or left unanswered. She does
not use the word truth lightly—this book’s bold assertions
are based in reality. It is up to the reader to choose to
accept reality while learning to gain lasting love and
strength, or to lose oneself to the sleeper state of
religious and spiritual programming that disempowers who
we really are as fundamentally eternal beings.

Talea’s smaller book, the second edition of Proposing a
“New” Cosmology Beyond Death Science, concisely analyzes
cosmological theories of both mainstream physics and New
Age spirit-science, and reveals their ideas of “oneness”
as short-sighted and ultimately unrealistic. She
introduces another paradigm of distinct eternal energies
existing before and beyond the varying fragmented
creations in our experiential reality. This book is
tailored to the skeptical public and scientific community.

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