Sizzling Sunday

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  • Hi Denny,
    Just want to say how much value your work is, how much I personally am appreciating what you and of course, to all those who choose to “listen”. I am pretty much just a newbie to your channel but have watched most of your interviews. Wow, so fascinating and on point for our times…I’m from Melbourne Australia btw, I just wish I could assist/donate financially, as I believe very much in your work’s highest worth!
    T-shirts are a great idea!!! And your artwork is absolutely incredible!!! I understand how time consuming creating designs and artworkcan be…However,
    I am sure the finances will come to you as more and more people recognise the great importance of what you are bringing to the world!????
    Much gratitude and appeciation for you Denny!
    And yes, “Victory to the Light”!!!

    • Hi Linda –

      Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate your support – doesn’t have to be financial! I am going to carve out some time to get the T-Shirt designs and the page up ASAP. All the best to you in Melbourne! Denny

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