Secret Space Program Revealed 27July2017

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  • Hi my name is mike. Over the years I’ve opened my mind to all the current an past false flags events. super soldiers , mk ultra , Camelot project. Max speirs an james casbolt no so much . dimensions jumpers . my question. Is how do I open my mind to t0 or 60 % usage . how can I channel or get to the level that these guys are at. Its said that the average man mind is only at 10 % . Opening it up to 50 or more is levels you can’t
    Fathom. How is this accomplished

    • Great question(s) and I would recommend the practices that Eric Raines teaches at and then never forget to get into the habit of partnering with the Divine Realm aka God or Creator of All That Is. That is mostly done through prayer realizing that Love is the currency in question and the ultimate goal. Easier said than done here these days, but a worthy goal. Thanks for commenting here.

      • I am confused . I have so many questions . start off small . this site is tied. With super soliders right . Did max spiers really die and was he really who him an james casbolt say they are. Ive learned so much from the two. Its hard at to tho k this two are full of crap but as I went on and studied interviews . didn’t seem scripted. My mind needs to advance again an I’m stuck at yje level I’m at

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