Michael H. Deep Subconscious Channeling/HMR & LHP 24July2019

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Michael H. Deep Subconscious Channeling/HMR & LHP 24July2019

HMR = Holographic Memory Resolution

See http://healingdimensions.com/about/HMRDescription.htm

LHP = Lightworker Healing Protocol See https://www.getwisdom.com/about-the-lightworker-healing-protocol/

Michael and Denny discuss the special method employed by Karl Mollison and his assistant Olivia in the use of the Holographic Memory Resolution as developed Brent Baum of Tucson, Arizona. Typically in these discussions in the past we have emphasized the healing modalities for MAP (Mercenary Army Program aka Secret Space Program) Abductees and in this interview we hope to introduce our viewers to the fact that this combination of healings, namely the Lightworker Healing Protocol AND the Holographic Memory Resolution can be an extremely effective tool for all of us who are not MAP Abductees.

We have all suffered untold numbers of traumas and as a result hold many beliefs that interfere with our healing. In some cases rapid and complete healings are accomplish with one or both of these techniques. We hope to introduce a poignant example by giving Michaels account from start to his current condition in the healing process.

Please note that – by individual request – we can supply the audio files and transcription files of Michael’s HMR session so you can get a first hand look at how the HMR and Deep Subconscious channeling sessions actually work. Please go to http://www.whyisthistrue.com/contact/ to make your request.

Thank you!

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