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Lightworkers if you only watch one video, watch this one. Most of you know that the reason there are so few new videos here on this YouTube Channel “Why Is This True?” is because I am now one of the 3 owners of and that has become practically a full time job. The theme of the inquiry used here has changed and now we are sharing a very important and critical message that very few people are ready or capable to hear.

Are you one of them?

No more sugar coating or pulling punches or, unfortunately, using an egalitarian notion that just because Everyone Has A Story that theirs will be valuable to the survival of humankind. Yes the survival of humankind.

Things ARE NOT GETTING better and there is no white hat contingent of humans along with their benevolent ET friends coming to save us. That is nonsense and it is a childish notion that wastes the time of well intentioned people, many who are actually starving for the truth.

The time for being afraid or acquiescing is over. Actually, it has been for many, many years, but the good news it is not too late and the better news is that there is something YOU can do now and it WILL be effective.

This September 2019
about 60 miles north of San
Francisco in Northern California
on the 21st and 22nd,
Denny Hunt, Get Wisdom’s first
and only Certified Lightworker
Healing Protocol Teacher will
guide a class of students to learn
this superb and amazing modality
which will enable you to work in 
Partnership with the Divine Realm
to solve a comprehensive array
of specific and poorly understood
problems that plague humanity
and the environment. This
class is offered at the same
price as the online class and
includes access to the online
course and all related privileges
and class materials.
for details.

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