LHP Sessions Available Now!


LHP Sessions Available Now!

Updated March 1, 2019

I am offering Lightworker Healing Protocol Sessions as taught by Karl Mollison at www.teamarchangel.com

You can also read about the Lightworker Healing Protocol here – https://www.getwisdom.com/download/3389/

After doing over 375 Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions (as of March 2019) as part of my healing and prayer practice and for hire I am offering LHP Sessions according to the following pricing schedule –

Clearing People – $250

Clearing Locations – $125

Spirit Rescue – $125

and Clearing Animals – $125

Holographic Memory Resolution Session (1 hour) on Skype $125

See more about the HMR sessions here – http://www.healingdimensions.com/about/HMRDescription.htm

I do recommend doing a LHP clearing session before doing the HMR work, but it is not required.

Here is a recent endorsement for the Holographic Memory Resolution Sessions: 

I am writing to relate my experience in having several HMR sessions with Denny.  This is a very pleasant type of healing modality, and I think Denny is quite skilled with it.  It is a gentle way of finding and healing emotional blockages that are at the root of our illnesses.  And you can learn how to do it on yourself after being guided a few times from someone as skilled as Denny.  I could definitely feel a relief of stress and tightness and other symptoms as we moved through the process.  It was really amazing and it felt so gentle and supporting to be guided by Denny.  Highly recommended!”   

Thank you Michael Harrah from Arizona, US

I will negotiate on price and consider discounting depending on circumstances on a case by case basis so please let me know by providing details if you need a reduced fee due to financial hardship or other issues. All Sessions noted above payable via PayPal to sendin4784@comcast.net

My specialty is MAP (Mercenary Army Program or SSP – Secret Space Program) and ET (extraterrestrial) abductees and Monarch and mind control victims.

This is a High Level Prayer Request and not energy healing or any other form of healing where I am using my own energy or psychic abilities. This is a refined and detailed Protocol where I serve as a loving conduit and requestor between you, a location, a departed loved one or a pet and the Divine Realm.

This is done remotely and a generic report is given so you have an idea about what was done. This is not a psychic reading or a past life regression. These sessions can be performed for people without their consent because the Divine Realm works with the subject’s Higher Self. If it is not in the best interest of the life in current incarnation and not in alignment with the soul’s purpose it will not be done.

The Protocol was developed over many years to include very specific requests to the Divine Realm to deal with the causes of many problems.

Some clients will notice immediate and dramatic results and some will not. Sometimes positive things will start happening and will be noticed BEFORE the session is actually done.

Why should you consider using me for this service?

Here is a transcript from a channeling done with Creator or God via Karl Mollison (my instructor):

*Is Denny Hunt ready to offer paid services as a Lightworker Healing Protocol Practitioner? Do you have any helpful advice for his further growth in proficiency?*

“We do see him as ready, as you saw yourself, intuitively. He has had quite a number of successful Protocol sessions and has been doing quite fine work. We have no criticisms to offer, but only encouragement. Each person develops their skills in a somewhat different way from others and it is always an inner process of organizing and deploying energy that is intuitive by nature and cannot be described even how one is going about what they do—to send out energy and to receive it. Both things are intuitive and therefore, elusive and subtle. The conscious thoughts are clear enough, so the words of the Protocol being heard and the individual thinking about them, as they are perceived, will be very concrete in feel.

Beyond that, all bets are off in terms of what happens when and how. So there is no way to describe fine-tuning of particular aspects of the Protocol for a student because they themselves do not know how the energies are being marshaled within and redirected in the way that actually happens as they respond to the words of the Protocol—and something happens within them to launch a request into the ether, so to speak, to reach us for action. In his case, we have no concerns, he is ready to go. The major difference is in his reach as far as the size of a target group that can be reliably accommodated to receive the full benefits of the Protocol.

This again is something that cannot be discerned readily by the practitioner themselves, nor by someone observing and supervising their work, so this is a bit of a grey area always with someone starting out. Your caution in the Protocol Manual, to your students about this, to start small and work your way up when you feel comfortable, is the best general advice one can give. There may be some students who through ego, believe they are already qualified to do anything and are fearless, but may well fall short because they are beginners after all in using this Protocol and all it represents, so they may overshoot and have their effectiveness diminished. This you cannot help and is something that will play out according to their actions. You have done all you can to set boundaries and describe the conditions in play and the pitfalls.

So you can give Denny Hunt our blessing to offer his services as he wishes and to simply be mindful in not taking on too large a project in any given session, as just simply good sense and not a reflection of judgment or self-doubt either. You can tell him that you do the same in your work and it is out of respect for the client when they come forth and put their trust in you to safeguard the benefits for them first and foremost. And not to add on a huge list of outside recipients that may be of interest to the practitioner personally, but not relevant, and in fact, a potential drain on the energy available for the client session to potentially undermine things. So this is always a question of good judgment and ethical concern for the primary client involved.”


Karl Mollison

Soul Whisperers

www.TeamArchangel.com <www.teamarchangel.com/>

Here are three testimonials –

“For those of you considering having healing done via the Light Worker Healing protocol I would highly recommend it. I have had Light Worker Healing sessions done on behalf of myself, my wife and my young children and can say quite confidentaly that it has had a very positive impact on them all. Our general health has improved, our daily outlook on the world has become more clear and optimistic. All my children suffered from nightmares or night terrors and these have decreased significantly and with some completely. If you are ready to embrace a deep cleanse of your body and spirit the Light Worker Healing protocol will be a sure way of achieving that goal.”

Thank You, Alun Owens, Newtownmountkennedy, Ireland.

“Testimonial for Denny Hunt:

Dear Denny,

I want to thank you for the life changing work you have done on my behalf.

I was inspired to contact you via Facebook a couple of months ago after watching one of your Why Is This True shows. Something that the person you were interviewing resonated very strongly with me. You were very kind and made me feel right at home regarding the topics I cannot discuss with anyone else I know. After several discussions, you added me to your list of LHP Healing Sessions. Unless I ask you, I never know what day or time you do your sessions. I don’t even know if you have a regular schedule for them. I all know for certain is that I am super grateful and amazed at your kindness for doing them.

This morning, during a super vivid & clear dream, I had a massive download of instruction and hand-held tutelage on forgiveness, recognizing and appreciating love, how to shift from “victimization mode to self-empowerment (which includes a very important shift of frequency), and most importantly – how to release a particular trauma that had been plaguing my heart & soul for 26 years. In fact, the trauma and sadness I’d been carrying around was so bad, I even attempted suicide several times because I just couldn’t take the pain anymore.

When I woke up, I felt like I’d been gone for months, even though I’d only been sleeping through the night, which is super rare for me. I usually only sleep until 3 or 4 am. I woke up around 9:15 am, PST. Unheard of!

The Being that was with me in the dream, walking me through how it’s done; how to forgive and move forward was very patient. I took a long time and many attempts until I was able to correctly focus my frame of mind and intention to where it needed to be, in order for me to be free of the pain & sorrow I’d been holding on to for so very long. I wasn’t aware of how much pain I’d been carrying until it lifted. When that finally happened, at that very moment, the Being that had been assisting me looked directly at me and smiled. I hadn’t actually looked at him until that moment. All communication had been telepathic while he had been a few feet behind me, to my right. I’ll always remember that smile. I did not recognize the face, but I recognized the smile right away. It was your smile!

While I was dreaming, I kept telling myself that I was dreaming and also to remember as much as possible – every instruction, every word, every visual, every exercise. When I woke up, dizzy and sleepy from all the mental activity, the first thing I did was to immediately contact you to see if you could help me understand what just happened.

I quickly wrote down what I could remember sent it to you. Turns out that you had been doing a Healing session for me at 6:30 the same morning.

Denny Hunt, you are the real deal. I am testifying that I’ve experienced your healing and I am forever grateful to you – grateful and thankful. The shift in perspective I experienced was the beginning of much healing I’ve been in need of for a very long time.

Again, thank you.

From my heart to yours,

[ name withheld ]”

Testimonial for Denny Hunt

“I am a seeker of truth from India and I found Denny Hunt and his YouTube channel Why is this True, and have been following his channel for 2 years now. And also a supporter in Get-Wisdom.com. When the LHP online courses were offered, I jumped at the chance but was very slow in integrating it into my life because I was dealing with some health issues. My daughter was suffering from depression off and on for a few years. Psychiatric therapy didn’t help and she was prescribed a slew of medicines. One day she told me her therapist had prescribed a new medicine and on doing a search online, we found that it was for schizophrenia. That was the last straw, she weaned herself slowly from all her psychiatric medicines. But she couldn’t shake off the depression, though a therapist who works with dogs helped her a bit. I was in a dilemma over what to do next, when Denny had mentioned in one of his videos that he was now proficient in LHP and was offering healing sessions. I reached out to Denny in July ‘18 and he did the LHP for my daughter. A month later, when I visited her, I was able to report to Denny that she was improving and was finally venturing out of her dark room and had even joined a gym. While I was visiting my other daughter, Denny did an LHP for her too. And he was kind even to do a session on me, without me requesting it. Since then, I have seen a slow change in my younger daughter and she seems to have put the depression behind her and has been more assertive and decisive in her life. In December, she got engaged to her boyfriend and they wanted to get married in February. I was so fortunate to witness a happy bride taking her first steps in a new direction. I can’t believe the progress she has made since July ‘18 and I have to pinch myself with happy disbelief with all that I am witnessing. Except for the OCD and being an introvert, my daughter is almost normal. It was Denny’s good intentions in his LHP that has made all this possible. I thank Source Creator for pointing me in his direction at the opportune time. I have noticed how he cares for the world and all humans and companion animals. He is especially sympathetic towards the MAP abductees. He is a great soul (Mahatma). And he is an inspiration to me and I hope to one day be at least half as good as he is as a healer.”  [ name withheld ]

I generally do one or two sessions every morning whether someone has paid for a session or not. There is ALWAYS someone in need and, in fact, everyone needs healing. So my commitment is to continue my practice, so if you do book a session you are not only serving your own concerns and needs, you are contributing to the maintenance of this practice so many who would never ask or contact me are reaping the benefits of the Lightworker Healing Protocol because of your contribution.

It is important to understand that this is a Prayer Request and that there are what is called co-factors. So for instance some profound things can happen to some one as a result of more than one cause so in many cases it would not be accurate to say that one Lightworker Healing Protocol session is the cause for some specific benefit especially in cases where others are praying or other practitioners are dealing with the same client. And it is also important to remember that the Divine Realm is the source of the benefit and that is where the credit is due in practically ALL cases. So to be honest and very clear about what is going on with the Lightworker Healing Protocol – I am not the healer! That is good for news for everyone!

If you have any questions, please ask! I will do my best to answer you and thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Please make inquires on the contact page here on WITT and I will get back to you for making a payment and scheduling. www.whyisthistrue.com/contact/Victory to the Divine Human!


  • Up to 75 sessions now as of May 23. Bill C. reminded me that Spirit Rescues can be done BEFORE the fact and act as insurance for the recipient. Victory to the Divine Human!

  • Happy Memorial Day to you and your family, Denny! I wanted to say Thank You again for the healing. I feel so lifted. At first, I wondered if it wasn’t simply a typical mood swing but it seems very consistent. I feel lighter, calmer, no longer severely depressed, increased mental clarity, far less disturbing dreams, more motivated far fewer headaches of much less intensity and much more! The day I first asked you about a healing, I had a disturbing and memorable dream about trying to hide and protect my two children, who are 19 and 20, and myself from what I strongly felt was an imminent threat from “devil worshippers” ( not sure what term is best). I’m sleeping much better. Thank you again!???? Sheila Simonette

  • Risk Factors for Acquiring Spirit Attachments

    Openness of Subconscious
    Spirit Dialog During Sleep
    Mind Altering Agents
    Recreational Drugs
    Psychiatric Drugs


    Bars, Hospitals, Funerals & Cemeteries

    Risky Without Protection

    Meditation, Mediumship, Channeling, Automatic Writing, Ouija Boards & Astral Projection

    Emotional States

    Parental stress transferred to baby in utero
    Crying Babies
Seeing Movies about Spirits
Hearing Sermons about Satan and Demons

    Physical States

    Difficult birth
Babies and Children talking to spirits Mental Illness
Mental Disability
Physical Illness
Disliked by Anyone
Cursed by Anyone

    Top 10 Signs Spirit Attachment Influence

    Low Energy Level
Anxiety or Depression
Character Shifts or Mood Swings
    Inner Voice(s) Speaking to You
    Abuse of drugs or alcohol
    Impulsive Behavior
Memory Problems
Poor Concentration
Physical Problems with No Obvious Cause
    Strong Reaction to Subject of Depossession

  • Up to 189 sessions now and the word is getting out about the LHP. Many of the students who purchased the online course are now doing sessions and I am getting feedback about results. Very impressive and very encouraging. I am getting clients now on a regular basis which is helping greatly in many areas. We also have the LHP manual in Spanish now. This is great news!

  • Quick update – I have now done 233 sessions; mostly people clearing sessions for individuals and small groups of people up to about 6. I have also done many spirit rescues since the last update – many of them have various people involved in the Vietnam War with a concentration on photojournalists who were killed there.

    I continue to get good feedback, but probably 80% of the sessions are done without notification or payment.

    I am especially grateful to those people who have hired me to do sessions for them, friends or relatives.

    Sept. 21 thru 23 I attended Brent Baum’s Holographic Memory Resolution Level 1 & 2 Workshop in Tucson AZ and also had the pleasure to meet Carol D. Warner who is the author of Return: Dreaming and the Psychospiritual Journey. So now I have a practice program before me and the good news is that there is currently no SF Bay area certified practitioners of HMR so there is an opportunity to do that, but more importantly get good with this technique for the benefit of the many who suffer as abductees of the MAP (Mercenary Army Program) aka SSP (Secret Space Program).

    The encouragement and support has been awesome – muck love to you all. Denny

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