Lada Ray: Russia The Great Balancer 30July2017

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  • Hi, this is Jen, I’m commenting under the Lada Ray video upload on your website, under the members section. Hi Denny! I’ve had this feeling that it would be important to talk to you about the Anastasia/Ringing Cedars series since I began watching your youtube channel a few months ago. I had gone to the Mt Shasta conference last year with Corey Goode and caught your interviews you posted on youtube at the conference. I really like your philosophy of heal and forgive, and generally what you are attempting with your channel and website. I think a series of discussions on Anastasia’s writings and how they relate to us today, could help bring more viewers to your sites and is relevant to what you are trying to do. I’ve watched almost all your interviews since you began, and I, too, feel an unexplainable connection with Russia, except perhaps that edgar cayce said “in russia lies the hope for the world”. Part of that hope, I think is the small gardening anastasia movement not only in Russia but all over the world, and the fact that great agro ecologists like sepp holzer are helping these settlers, these homesteaders, and have also designed whole projects with water retention landscaping incorporated into the 2.5 acre homesteads. Guys like sepp holzer can bring springs back and recharge groundwater through water retention landscaping, and permaculture, polyculturing practices. One of the most recent settler projects in kazakstan is based on spiral sacred geometry. It is so exciting, and millions of people follow anastasia. I think there is a kind of political and economic relevance here for the united states. I have felt this since I read anastasia around 2006. My background is in planning and community-based economic development which I practiced in northern california and oregon for 25 years. I was hoping to talk to you about all of the above sometime soon. Thanks, Jennie

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