Kristy Allen After the Westminster Testimony 7June2018

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Kristy Allen After the Westminster Testimony 7June2018

Kristy Allen was a former highly awarded female
vocalist in the Mormon church. She had an acclaimed
singing career which ended with a spiritual awakening
where she was forced to face the sudden realization
that she and her many siblings had been embedded in
the MK-Ultra/SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) program.

Kristy said: “I wish I could say that ritual abuse
happened in isolated incidents that were few and far
between. That it was only Hollywood that had been
taken over by the Satanists because of their very
special bloodlines. But it’s the chosen ones and
the non chosen ones.”

The expendables and the non-expendables. The babies
and ‘milk carton’ kids, in large numbers (some say
Satanists are between 8-11% of our population) that
are sacrificed in every large and small town in

Kristy’s family was part of the MK Ultra program.

Her family were used as entertainers, child pilots
(in wars), medics, special messengers, Presidential
models, sports figures, and International spies. Her
story is about generational incest, abuse, CIA kiddy
porn distribution, and was among satanic ritual
families where they have no idea that they are

Ritualistic child abuse is the most hideous of all
child abuse. The basic objective is to systematically
terrorize children (often performed by close relatives)
until they are forced to dissociate so a part of them
can be controlled. Once the abuse is over, the core
personality is not conscious of what happened.

The victims lead relatively normal lives, until they
get triggered and flashbacks or nightmares occur.
Now keep in mind that this is, and always has been,
about money and power. It’s about creating robots
that knowingly or unknowingly keep the drug cartels,
violent gangs, human trafficking, sex trade, child
trafficking, child porn industry and human slavery
as alive and lucrative as possible.

Churches are the perfect places for this to hide.

They are filled with remorseful people that are told
to read more scripture, repent and pay twice as much
tithing as a part of the repentance process! They are
not told that as a victim it was not their fault.

They are not protected by the police and social
services. In fact, there is increasing evidence that
CPS are involved in the human trafficking schemes
while honest, faithful church members continue to
be prey to pedophiles and taught to stay quiet

Police are complicit, Sheriff’s are complicit, and
all phony government officials are more loyal to
‘the order’ aka the Freemasons and other secret
societies, and the bottom line (money) than to the
people they are sworn to protect! Children are the
worst victims and untreated pedophilia leads to
wolves in sheep’s clothing and the sheer numbers
of victims is staggering (who are often discovered
only after much harm has been done).

During her families’ satanic tortures in churches,
temples, air force bases, deep underground military
bases, caves, and old warehouses; they were involved
in psychic driving where they wore a type of helmet
and wires were connected to the tenderest parts of
their bodies. They were given pleasure when they did
what the torturers wanted and excruciating pain when
they did not comply. They were pitted against each
other, capped, mutilated, used for military
experimentation and our DNA was stolen and created
for who knows what?

But the worst part was being force to witness babies
being tortured, raped, murdered and eaten.

Her parents were often above the girls in a glassed
room where the girls thought they were looking down
on them (it was most likely a one way mirror where
they could not see their children at all). They were
shown funny movies, so the girls thought they were
laughing at their own children’s pain! The plan here
was to shatter trust. To believe that the victimized
children couldn’t even go to their parents, there was
no place else to go (except to dissociate).

This is Kristy’s story after the Westminster Testimony
given in England for the International International
Tribunal for Natural Justice and the ITNJ Judicial
Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child
Sex Abuse in April of 2018.


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  • Hi Denny. I have watched the video of “Kristy Allen After the Westminster Testimony, 7 June 2018” more than 3 times and I still can’t get what she said about the “power name” @27:43. What were the 4 letters she said (BLMG?) and did she need to chant the words so as to get the results she needed, i.e., save her life? Very interesting topic. I did try to ask this on the YT comment section but probably everyone’s reading the newer posts/watching the newer videos so I didn’t get any reply from other people. Thanks in advance!

  • Sorry I cannot help with that other than to ask her again to check in on the comments section or pass along your contact information to her with your permission.

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