Kevan Trimmell Debut The Contact & SSP Timeline 5June2017

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Pre-contact period with SSP

December 2007 – November 2008

In December 2007, I started meditating
for the first time in earnest, having
studied ancient history and philosophy
as a teenager.

Around my 19th birthday I began not
only to feed my mind with philosophy,
I also started cleaning up my physical
body and transitiong towards a high
vibrational diet.

Detoxifaction and DNA activation is
actually the solution to many of the
dark programs that are running out
there. After I got into the health
movement and started cleansing, I
eventually got into the alchemy side
of things and the ORME. Understanding
the ORME and the natural occuring Ormus
substances is how one would take things
to the next level in terms of DNA

Little did I know that feeding one’s
light body in a very real way, without
the greater knowledge of Exopolitics to
keep you safe, is how I showed up on
their radar.

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