Karl & Denny Lightworker Healing Protocol

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  • You guys are awesome! Glad to see the fun and work is happening! Karl recently helped me with the passing of my dearly beloved pooch Bodrian, also a Border Collie, like you guys are raising, Denny and Jennifer, and the assistance through that that Karl offered was amazing. I really felt the love and concern, and he got in touch with Creator about it all and I felt greatly reassured. Creator told Karl (and me through him) that our pets are “saviours” and help us by taking on many burdens for us and for lost souls, too. Bo took on board three lost souls and was helping to heal their pain, and through Karl those souls were all rescued when he performed a spirit release for him. Amazing and will never be forgotten! Karl has also done spirit releasements for my wife and myself, and we feel better, and spirit rescues for about 15 people from my family tree and friends and relatives of loved ones as well, and the prices were amazing, too. What a great work you are doing, guys! THANK YOU for all you do – keep going!

  • An amazing thing happened this afternoon. Near the end of the class, we were applying Light Worker’s Healing Protocol on our pets. One of the students was using this protocol on his dog. Afterwards, he called is mom to see if there are any changes with the dog. His mom was amazed that the dog can hear, because it was deaf before. Now the dog can respond to sound!

  • THANK YOU for all you do! I am counting the days til the GET WISDOM website is up and running and I can join the community and learn online (and hopefully in person next time.) I am in northern IL not far from Karl, so please count me in as a volunteer. This new community is a GOD-SEND, and much needed for our time. May our Divine Creator bless all of us as we continue to do the work of healing our world. Much love!

  • When and where can I take a class on the healing protocols? Will/is it online? Please include me in any email list notifications.

  • Thanks for commenting/asking here.

    We will announce on FB and here and probably on some advertising as well. We are just starting to put together the on-line workshop now. You can also register at the Get Wisdom website after April 30 and that will be the most “automated” way to get notified.

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