Jian Liang Wall Street Insider’s Absolute Mind Control Testimony 19Dec2018

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Absolute Mind and Soul Control
In Government, Wall Street,
And The Secret Space Program


From Jian’s book –

This is the story of American corporate and
governmental life today, thanks to the Cold
War that spawned the CIA Operation Paperclip
and MK-Ultra mind control programs. Even the
secret space program now in operation began
with Nazi physics and mind control. Because
all of this has been cloaked for over a half
century in “national security,” the American
public is oblivious to the existence of the
evils now embedded in the very structure of
its institutions and government agencies,
like the post-9/11 Department of Homeland
Security. It is long past time to awaken
the public to what victims like myself are
undergoing every day and night of the week
at work and at home.

Thinking back on my life, I am still astonished
by the dramatic turns that it has taken, from
an unwanted baby girl who was supposed to be
killed at birth but luckily survived, to a bright
but sentimental teenager indulging in art and
poetry, to a dreamer seeking success in school,
career and love. As a single mother at the age
of 40 and at the peak of her physical beauty,
intelligence and career, she encountered a
manager whose hidden identity was as a Satanist
connected with organized crime and the dark side
of government programs.

Make every effort to obtain knowledge, support,
and protection that will help us all to stand
in solidarity against the enemy’s assault. Our
defense should encompass physical, mental, and
spiritual levels.

Do Not Fear!

Through my never-ending efforts to seek freedom,
I have tried many methods to free myself from
targeting and mind slavery. During my three years
of struggling with all kinds of failures, I found
that sincere prayers do work wonders.

The most important thing to do is to pray.

Jian’s interview with Ramola D.


Jian’s website  https://BreakTheMKChain.org/

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