About Me

I am a Northern California 4th generation native and I lived in Wahiawa, Hawaii in the late 60’s & early 70’s. I am an avid snorkeler of tropical waters, widely traveled and a NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver. A simultaneous survivor/participant from the drug/party & mind expanding culture of the 70’s. Former Water Treatment Technician, Electrician, Chief Engineer on Oceanographic Research Vessels and Sales Application Engineer for an Airflow Measurement Instrument Manufacturer. Former fine art painter of seascapes and potato farmer! –

Happily married to Jenn since 1985, no kids and we live on a 10 acre farm property in beautiful Sonoma County with 2 Border Collies, 3 cats, 2 donkeys and some laying hens.

What next?   – a YouTube Channel featuring interviews with fellow Catalytic Explorers busting open the new arenas of Full Disclosure of the ET phenomena, Divinely Connected Channelers, SSP experiencers, Energy Healers, SSP Con Men, Authors of Off-Planet Subjects, State Secret Whistleblowers, precious Starseeds and all of us who have difficulty finding like minded people who see huge changes on the Horizon; thanks to our awakening to the spiritual nature of Reality.

The Channel’s name and motto is “Why Is This True?” and “Your answer is the most important one!” and the theme is “Reveal and Forgive.”  The “Why Is This True?” YouTube channel started in May of 2016.