Tucson Bust & Mick’s Interview and HS Channeling

Notes for Livestream 16 Dec 2018

So yesterday I started my Facebook vacation.  I disabled my account and I am posting a bit to Twitter but otherwise have a plateful of work to do for Get-Wisdom, including a series of video shorts that I will be making for what we call snippets which are out-takes from various channeling sessions where the 1 to 5 minute Light Being answers can stand on their own – i other words – they do not need to be in the context of the question and the longer answer where they are found.  

Thanks to the funding of Get-Wisdom from Supporter membership fees and sales of the LHP course I have been able to upgrade my computer set up with a more capable Mac for video editing.  I made 2 videos as a means for getting familiar with some new software: one is called  New Day  and here is the text from the recent video I did:

Earth will have a new day when we love each other in Truth. Then those who want to harm the human family will no longer have a place to do so. This is done in partnership with the Divine Realm by using a powerful prayer that you can learn at Get-Wisdom.com


and the other is called Karl’s Story


Dec 1 Saturday to Dec 6 Thursday  3 day Holographic Memory Resolution Healing Intensive 

Unfortunately, the trip was a bust and if I had to do it over – I wouldn’t.

First mistake was not verifying what was to be done during the 3 days of the Healing Intensive.

I thought it was where we would all work on each other and Brent would supervise.  Actually it was a 1.5 days of level 1 and 2 review,  a ‘body map’ sharing to create safety in the group and then Brent doing sessions on each of us in front of the group. The group would then take notes.  Had I known this, I would not have attended.

Anyway, the night before the last day I was becoming more uneasy about the whole thing and I ended up getting very little sleep and when to class with a terrible headache that just got worse as the morning wore on.  I was getting nauseous and decided I needed to leave. Of course, I had not had my session with Brent. It looked like in order to finish we would all need to be there into the late evening or he would need to speed up the process for the last few people. 

After my share, there were a couple of jokes from Brent about ET’s and entity attachments; very tasteful and innocuous, but revealing about what he thinks is important about healing. That was when my antenna went up on the second day. It was quickly becoming a place where I was the odd man out.

He would break away in the midst of the class with little monologues and personal stories and on the 3rd day he decided to talk about 9-11 because it qualified as a kind of global trauma event.  He revealed that he believed the 9-11 Report version of what happened and spoke as if we were in a agreement with that.  That kind of sealed the deal for me – I was not in a safe place in terms of a healing environment.  So between that, the nausea and the lack of sleep I went back to the place I was renting to see if I could sleep.  

The headache did not subside until after I got home and woke up on Thursday morning. 

I know there is a silver lining, but I cannot, in no way, afford $1,000 + mistakes. This has set me back and I am thinking that Certification in HMR might be a bit of a fool’s game. 

Karl graciously channeled Creator to get the following answer – 

Why was Denny compelled to leave the Healing Intensive in Tucson before he got his session with Brent? Was this indeed a matter of safety and/or not being in alignment with the instructor?

“This was an issue of safety for you not because you were literally in danger, but simply perceiving this in part because of the inner feelings of disquiet with the prospect of having your innermost thoughts on display before others. This is a quite common occurrence, as you can imagine, when people are in a position of being on display about sensitive matters, and this was created primarily because of your perception of being in an environment where you were not truly among friends and compatriots because of the energy and the perspectives of the instructor on display. This is a perfect illustration of why the building of rapport between a caregiver and the client is so critical. If there is any concern about being accepted or the possibility of being judged, this will interfere and often quite strongly with the possibility of a successful interchange. So that, unfortunately, is what took place here.

So this is a missed opportunity because the session could have gone well and to your benefit, but there will be other opportunities for you to receive help with this process, particularly if you can trust colleagues and work with them. There is nothing to say you cannot go back for assistance if that can be arranged. You do not need to fear whatever might happen because you will not be a target of anything untoward, and if you are no longer in a group setting to focus such energies, things will go more smoothly.

In most cases this kind of thing does not happen to me, but in this instance I failed to consider the drastic difference in world views and how that pertains to healing specifically. The cool thing about HMR and how it works is that it doesn’t really matter – if you stick to the intent, procedure and wording of the HMR protocol it will work and it will help especially as it applies to using the client’s free will in the most positive aspects. So this unfortunate Tucson trip was far more about my sensibilities about safety and being among like minded people than any shortcomings with HMR itself.”

This is an endorsement that I found on the GW site. It was posted in October. 

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is the most effective healing modality I have ever come across! My search is over and so is yours!

I am an Akashic Records Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Massage Practitioner, with training in Zpoint, Breathwave, and Ancestral clearing. I have found that my clients and myself did receive healing from these other modalities, but not at the same level. There are many amazing healing modalities out there for specific issues, but none that cover all the underlying issues like LHP does.

I would recommend everyone take the LHP course, or get a session done!

Not only have I done many sessions on myself but I have also done sessions for my regular clients that I have massaged for years, and all of my clients have noticed a huge difference in the way they feel. We all feel more clear in our minds, more at Peace and calm with life, more energetic and productive, and the physical pain leaves our bodies quickly when we overdo it. We are all so grateful for The Lightworker Healing Protocol!

Fom Laura T.

Mick was on Reality Brief yesterday with about 16 other folks with testimonies about the SSP and related subjects some of those people have done interviews with me.  Mick wanted to mention the MAP forum that we have in association with the Why Is This True? website. He forgot to mention it. His time on there went by fast. Here is the link https://youtu.be/z2YDAAKrd90  

The Negative ET Agenda Dec 2018

For better and more precise information about the Negative ET Agenda for Humans and the Earth –

see https://www.get-wisdom.com/creator-questions/ or https://www.get-wisdom.com/dwqa-question_category/extraterrestrial-agenda/

Admittedly there is a lot we still do not know about this agenda.  Initially – I think it was the spring of 2017 – Karl relayed to us that Creator had conveyed that the agenda was either going to be a great reduction of the human population whereby the Greys could continue their experimentation on a slave human population OR we would be annihilated and that in either case the ‘free will’ option we currently enjoy would be a thing of the past in about 9 years. This was largely due to the Anunnaki handover of power from Ninmah to Enlil.  About a year or so later, the information was updated and the plan was to go ahead with annihilation and the potential timeline was shortened to 5 years.  So what we generally report is that the Negative ET plan is to progressively remove human free will and annihilate humans within 5 to 8 eight years.

My opinion is that most if not all of the evidence regarding geopolitics, environmental conditions, the progress regarding the weaponization of the human environment, the advance state and use of mind control and public awareness indicates that the above is probably true.  My opinion is also that one of the reasons  we do not know more about this agenda is because we do not know the right questions to ask and that much is being withheld for our own safety. 

The other thing that should be pointed out (and you mentioned this last night) is that once you get to a certain point with this information, you become more interested in the solution as opposed to gathering more details about the problem. I would say that the majority of people who have been following the channeling series for a year or more fall into this category.  

Some things can be relayed and/or inferred from what we have learned so far.  In no particular order, we can say that the ET’s seem to have a cowardly approach to annihilation – that is – they seem not to want to have a direct hand in most of this and rather delight in having us do it to ourselves.  My impression is that this is the way they handle the control and elimination of most populations such as ours.  It is more efficient and more entertaining and fits well with what we have seen them doing with and to humans for many thousands of years despite our sparse and probably inaccurate understanding of our own history.  

They are, in some cases, hard to understand because they are devoid of characteristics that we sometimes would associate with vastly more intelligent beings – for example to accomplish something they would often use the most vile and disgusting means to execute their desires – the goal is to demonstrate their power, control, cunning, superiority, notions of sick entertainment and absolute ownership. Human life as no value to them beyond what we can give them in loosh or negative low vibrational energies.  In so many ways – it is akin to a farming operation. 

They are going to shut down the farm. This one is too much trouble for the return. Insofar as the Anunnaki, the Arcturians and Reptilians are concerned – the human ‘shit show’ has played itself out and there are perhaps many more vulnerable and naive populations in the universe that could be exploited with less trouble. 

So the bonus for this update/article on WITT is Mick’s 3rd Higher Self channeling posted below, which, it should be noted – Karl only had 1 hour for this channeling session where he channeled Mick’s Higher Self and Mick had 15 questions, which, from my experience would take about 2 hours in a typical channeling session. Mick prayed to have the answers as brief and to the point as possible and get answers to all 15 questions in the allotted time.  Guess how long was the channeling session?  You got it, one hour and Mick got answers to all 15 questions.  Enjoy! and see next Sunday. Victory to the Divine Human!

Mick Schrier Higher Self Channeling  Part III 12/03/18

I. Higher Self may you please tell me if the Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions I have been doing for my autistic clients are working and what can I do to help them heal more rapidly?

You are having a very definite, positive influence. This will not always be perceptible. Unfortunately with the level of disorder and disarray in the connections within the mind and body, the ability to see a marked improvement in communication will be the last thing to be restored, if at all. This is a complex undertaking you attempt and is governed by many, many factors. Not only you as practitioner needing to stand strong and have full belief in the possibilities, but also their karmic backdrop as well. Even though they have been manipulated to be in their current struggle, they have many times a karmic vulnerability and this is what determined the outcome when they were manipulated to begin with. There are an array of consequences implemented to constrain the incoming new souls. Ideally there is a diminishment of the intuitive reach without a huge negative consequence for cognition or the ability to command the body in communicating with the outside world reliably through the senses, but there can be a kind of excess alteration. This is much akin to a surgeon who goes in in a heavy-handed way to make a precise change in something, in a small part of the brain, but ends up leaving a deficit as a consequence of the operation. The extraterrestrial alliance does not care, impairment is impairment and it is all to the good from their perspective. The problem is when the excess damage is done, it is harder to repair, because it is locked in place energetically until overridden through healing efforts. One of the complications is the karmic history of the individual. If there is a history in prior lifetimes of vulnerability and victimization that can make them more susceptible to excess injury from such an intervention by the interlopers, then there is a karmic entanglement going on with the end result. This is the major reason for prolonged suffering and a difficulty in life functioning when healing at a high level is brought to bear and the effects are not noticed. So what we are saying is this is not impossible to deal with. It is more difficult and more time consuming to be worked on and may take years to reach a level where there is even perceptible benefit. We do not wish to discourage your efforts in any way because there are many blessing that happen. Some of which you do not perceive, nor will be client or the family members. The major benefit is to disentangle that individual from the extraterrestrial alliance going forward. That alone is worth taking on the work because it’s bad enough to happen in this life, but to be repeated in future lives and to have remaining vulnerability to again drag the person down in functioning and impair their lives and cause a very tragic circumstance for them and the whole of the family, is truly a travesty. Do not underestimate the benefits you bring, they are always substantial. It is only a question of when they may be seen, felt, and become a part of the reality for your clients you help. You are doing excellent work and your belief quotient is high. That means you will get the results that can be delivered by Divine realm. At that point it is outside your hands and you cannot push it further or make extra requests to speed things up or have a greater impact. If you hold those desires as you do all of your work, that request will be registered and on file. It will be acted on to the best of the ability of the Divine realm to bring it to fruition. That is our difficulty and potential limitation and not yours, so you can feel quite reassured you’re doing all you can. We understand it is frustrating in that you want to see miracles for your charges. That is a very loving and human perspective, we feel the same way, but we are dealing with difficult circumstances and energies, because of the total independence of Human Beings. This makes them vulnerable when someone comes in and brings great darkness and negativity to bear. This is the best we can do to reassure you and we hope that you will not reduce your efforts and keep this going, because it is a blessing and the very blessing you seek.

II. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me if my Mother, Father and brothers are also Mercenary Army Program abductees and are my brothers abductees of the Ibis program?

Your parents have not been involved in this whatsoever. Your brothers have been abducted. That is because of their proximity to you and some similarity in the genetic background. They are not in the Mercenary Army Program. They are simply bystanders, who were taken at intervals to do some observation and some manipulation as well, in order to have a further grip on you. This is done through interacting with them energetically for the most part. If you do healing requests for them, this will help take care of things, so you need not worry unduly about this. Keep in mind it is not your doing perse. It is the extraterrestrial alliance and their reach who are responsible. They are the culprits here and have no right to interfere with Humans in any respect. This is an intrusion, a violation of your soul sovereignty, and that of your brothers as well. The goal now needs to be healing for all involved. This you are taking on and bringing forward. All in the family will benefit from your healing efforts, regardless of their particular involvement in your areas of greatest concern. Everyone has things that can be further helped, optimized and repaired going back through time. This is one of the great benefits of the healing reach you have at your disposal now, this will affect the future of all in your circle for the better.

III. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what the significance is of two of my best friends and I being born three days in a row?

This is because there is a soul connection, you are in a soul group and you have had many adventures in life together. That is the reason for the timing here. It was in a sense a kind of cosmic humor on display, knowing you would notice at some point and wonder about this. Wanting to have a kind of inside joke at play, that could amuse you and delight you depending on the level of your awareness, sophistication and understanding of the metaphysical. Which of course was the plan all along. For you to become awakened, to be thinking about such things and wondering about their meaning. This was also part of the Divine blessing for your journey, to have such signposts, such messages in a sense, that could help remind you of your true origin. There is a grand plan underway and you have a part in this. This is true of your friends as well and that is the reason this was arranged to happen. It was a blessing, to be just that, a reminder of your Divinity and your shared heritage.

IV. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me how many lives I have lived, and how many have been on Earth?

Your lives on earth have been 246. You have incarnated in many, many other realms. This runs into the many, many thousands and extend even beyond the current universe. In that sense, you are truly an old soul. Many of the lives you have lived have been extraordinary in length, so the enumeration numerically does not do justice to your comings and goings. When you live a life of a million years in length, you have a number unity to your credit in terms of prior lifetimes lived. Whereas a human being in that span will have many hundreds of lives, but that underestimates your staying power, your activity, and your longevity as a soul. You can know that you are a member of the “original cast” so to speak, in many grand adventures. This is true in the Divine Human enterprise, as well as other worlds you have been a part of in the past. That is what has prepared you to come here. It is through rich and varied experience in multiple worlds that people gain the knowledge base, level of understanding and wisdom to take on a project of this kind. It is also the reason you were singled out to be involved in the Mercenary Army Program. They look for individuals with special abilities, often special history in terms of their prior experience, and the level of accomplishment and the varied experience base in other worlds. It creates a basic foundation they can build on with their training and tap into the many talents that have been developed through the eons of time you have been in existence. This is far better than starting from a relative newcomer, who has little experience in a living setting to draw on and they will be a more formidable challenge to bring up to an equivalent level of capability.

V. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me if I have served with Kevin Trimmel in the Mercenary Army Program and if so, in what capacity?

This has been done. You were compatriots and involved in a number of parallel missions. There is a soul connection there as well, through all of this shared involvement and the higher purpose, which is to bring healing for it. This is what you see playing out now. You have taken on a very difficult and challenging operation, the two of you in launching into life knowing you would be called up in service to the darkness without your true consent, then find a way to disengage and in the process be in an even better position to bring a healing to them as perpetrators. This is the most difficult and harrowing of undertakings, because of the risks to the self. Not only of having difficult times, even painful experiences, but also the taking on of additional negative karma that will  nonetheless require healing by you to restore and rebalance in some way. This is truly a Divine sacrifice to take this on and is very much to the credit of you both. This is the value and the virtue in what you have done. It is the highest kind of service one can have, to put one’s own being at risk in service to others and to be a force for good in the doing. This makes you both very special and much cherished by the Divine realm. You will be heroes among the Human community as well. As things proceed and the current forces of darkness are overturned, this will be a tremendous time of joy and celebration for you down the line, because you have come through the fire quite literally and will gain the most from having made the investment.

VI. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what my roles and duties entailed in the Mercenary Army Program? Before you told me I served as a “guardian”, what does that involve?

This is a varied and broad designation. Much of the role they take is one of surveillance, observation, and reconnaissance for all sorts of purposes. Because of the technology they have access to, can do many surreptitious operations that would be difficult or impossible for of the Human intelligence services working in conjunction with conventional military. So this is largely in your case intelligence work. We cannot go much beyond that, for reasons protecting of your consciousness from too many negative ideas and awarenesses. There is a liability in knowing too much about one’s function when being subverted and drawn into a conspiracy to co-opt your normal morality and choices. This can create great inner conflicts, if you begin to connect with an awareness consciously to some experiences you have been involved with. This is true of all in the program. This is not meant to be a criticism or any indication of having frailty, or to be undeserving in any way. This is meant lovingly as a means to protect you from undo heavy burdens that you might perceive, knowing things may have happened you were a part of and then feeling badly and worrying about the potential consequences for you in the future, or even the potential to be called up once again in service and then facing such events in the future. Everything about this program is unsavory and it is only because you were held under a severe mind control manipulation that you were able to participate. The stories you may hear about these programs in describing various challenges that all recruits go through as a test of their resolve, a test of their ability to be manipulated and caused to do even horrific things contrary to their normal sensibilities are quite accurate. This is done for all involved so they know who they are dealing with, what their limits might be and therefore the range of duties they might be suited for. This can get quite dark, so our injunction from Creator is to limit knowledge and this is good advice.

VII. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what the effect of ingesting monoatomic gold is and is it in my highest good to do so?

The idea of this has appeal, but it does not deliver the promises that are frequently made on behalf of this. It has no normal function in the body and so anything that happens in a sense is a side effect, whether helpful in the moment or not. It is not a natural thing to be involved with, so we would not wish to endorse this.

VIII. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what occurred when I had a “breakthrough experience” on DMT, and who were the beings that I encountered?

This was a chemical alteration that helped open the intuitive gateway more strongly. You were seeing the manifestation of beings from the light who wished to greet you and have an interaction. This was in response to your own mind wanting to have a higher awareness and a higher sense of connection. This was very similar to what happens with someone who knows they are going to pass from the physical and are looking forward to going home and wanting the Divine to greet them and meet them on their journey. You were not in danger of passing away, you were simply opening up the gateway which happens at the end of life and then you were summoning energy from the light. There is always a response, whenever there is an invitation. This is quite important as well, because there are safety issues involved. If the light does not answer, the darkness surely will and this is something little understood. In your case you were fortunate that light beings responded and they kept you safe, so this was a positive experience with no negative after-effects.

IX. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what I saw in the sky late on the night of August 17th,  2017 and what occurred?

This was an exercise by the ships of the extraterrestrial alliance. They were doing a collection of craft that had been dispersed in the area where you were located. You witnessed the reacquisition of these craft by a larger vessel and that is why they were positioned, hovering and maneuvering. The light you saw was part of this operation. In the bargain they always use such opportunities to get the attention of all in the area who are part of the program. The reason is to do some extra psychological reinforcement of the inner programming, the inner mind manipulation. This serves as a trigger to go through a kind of census taking within the mind to review the inner promises, the inner checks on your behavior and the warnings that are programmed in to keep such awareness on a very deep level and not available to the conscious self. Even though you were getting the reminder consciously and were triggered in a deep part of your mind, you were not aware consciously of the purpose for this sighting. It is routine and nothing to be concerned about. It is simply that the proximity was used as a multipurpose opportunity to have a display. That always involves sending out signals to all with an awareness of a link to the extraterrestrials. They can take part in the experience and have a kind of tune up to strengthen the connection. This keeps everything working smoothly and keeps everyone in line. With these regular reminders of the relationship, it serves to reinforce the built-in safeguards about confidentiality and suppression of awareness, until such time as the individual might be recalled for duty in some fashion. In the time in between, there is usually no awareness whatsoever that there has been any involvement with extraterrestrial activities of any sort. Most individuals will not remember the sightings of this sort that happened, they will suppress that as well. The fact that you did not, is a function of your being able to pull away from their grip and that is why you retain the memory you did.

X. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what occurred when Matthew Mournian facilitated a healing for me on August 21st, 2017?

This unfortunately was an intrusion, as much as a benefit. It was not done purposely. It was well meaning, but it had a negative impact and there were consequences energetically that happened as a consequence. This is something that does take place all too frequently. Whenever humans use their energy to direct it at another person, it does penetrate the aura defense more readily than can be done by most other beings. This is because humans are in tune with one another, normally interconnected and can freely exchange many kinds of intuitive messages and awarenesses. This is perfectly fine and healthy in a loving world with no intruders who have sinister motivations, but the ability to perturb things for a positive benefit can be exploited by the interlopers and they do use those opportunities to full advantage. This is something that was inadvertent, but could be prevented by asking for safety and protection.

XI. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what I saw in the sky on the night of January 23rd, 2018 and what occurred?

This was another craft sighting, this was an extraterrestrial alliance vessel yet again. The purpose was the same. It was a kind of calling card and an outreach to those in the area, to do a kind of energetic roundup and a field check so to speak. To check the status and see if there were any perturbations in the makeup of the individual from any outside interference. It was a checkup so to speak. It was done from a distance and was used to see if their handiwork had been interfered with in respect. This you can expect to have happen and is part of the ongoing interplay when they claim humans as their property and make an investment in their training. They want them to be available at their beck and call, to be fully functional and to be holding to the constraints imposed so there is no deep awareness of their involvement and no attempt to cause an alarm to be sounded, or to do anything that could interfere with any implants or programming that have been instilled. When you undergo healing, it begins to change things and they will see this. They know this happens, so they simply work to reinstall whatever may have been altered, to return the individual to their former status. That was the entire purpose of the encounter and it was not perceived as such because of the built-in suppression.

XII. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me if I have known Denny Hunt in prior lifetimes and if so, how? 

There has been a prior life with him and it was in a time of government service. We do not wish to go into details, but this creates a bond and is part of the reason you found your way to him and have benefited accordingly. This is a good thing and is entirely consistent with the aims of the soul group to which you belong. There is a broad group who take on the so called rough duty akin to military operations, but often more in the vein of intelligence work. The desire is never to come forth in Human form and kill, it is to do something to prevent that on the part of others. There are many ways to serve, in many different capacities. You have been a part of undertakings in the past, in parallel doing light work to work directly against the forces who control the government and military both.

XIII. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me what the significance is of me seeing the number 33 so frequently?

This is a special number because you believe it to be special and that desire creates opportunities for us to bring it into your view. This is a kind of reward or sharing of communication. It is crude, but it is effective because it is meaningful. It is a reminder of your Divinity. It is a master number so called in numerology and has importance for that reason. It is in keeping with your makeup as well of being an advanced soul, an old soul, a master soul in many respects because of your lineage. This is a way of reminding you of your Divine connection and as an iconic representation of being able to have messages with great meaning brought to you in unexpected ways beyond coincidence. That is the general purpose here. It is a validation, it is a confirmation, it is a reassurance and it is a Divine blessing that you are being watched over, cared about and cared for. We are doing many things on your behalf to benefit you and especially now that you are doing your healing work, because this gives us greater latitude in being of service to you and advancing your aims. Your work is very highly regarded and will be greatly cherished by all whose lives you touch. You will see this in the future. It is not something you expect to happen, but we can assure you that it will. There will be a recounting of these times. The benefits you bring will be revealed to you and shared with you in a very direct way. It will be very much gratifying and a very well deserved reward in having a full understanding and appreciation of the Divine evolution of Humanity you are a part of.

XIV. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me why I have such a strong connection to music, film, and art from the early 1970’s?

This is largely karmic in origin. It is because the various artistic endeavors of that era speak to you in a deeper sense, from being involved in other times and places through time shifting. This has created a kind of deja vu type recognition of familiarity. It is very much like hearing something for the first time, but feeling it is familiar, because in actuality you have experienced it before. That is because you have had parallel lives going on through the manipulations of your life by the interlopers. You have had multiple experiences in the current Human generation through time shifting of your life and reliving portions of the span of time from your birth to present. This has created a parallel set of life experiences that are not consciously perceived, but the sensibility of the subconscious is very keen. The intuitive awareness music and art in particular have a transcendent power and are very deeply registered on the soul. This is what gives music, art and creative work as in film a special role to play in life and a special influence on things. This is why many memories are linked to music and visual stimuli of various sorts. It transcends the objective analytical level of the mind and creates an emotional resurfacing through the impression on the deeper soul level manifesting in the subconscious. When encountering works that are especially profound to you and meaningful on a soul level and an emotional level both, the memory of those experiences and the various stimuli that make them up will be especially strong. They can in effect emerge from the deep subconscious at times as a kind of recollection that because it is not a primary memory, but something that is from a differing origin, has both a sense of appeal and familiarity even though it is perhaps novel or not part of your primary life experience. There is nothing to be concerned about here, this is just a phenomenon of existence that has no deeper meaning than you have had experiences in those settings, with those types of artistic expression and they speak to you because they have had an impact in those parallel events taking place.

XV. Thank You. Higher Self may you please tell me if I am on track with my life plan and what is most important for me to know?

You are very much on track and this is perhaps the most important reassurance we can continue to give you. You have had many difficulties and unfortunate experiences at the hands of others, but this was not your choosing in the sense of wanting to aid them or assist them. Certainly not to work against Humanity, the opposite is the case.  You had a life plan to be a kind of infiltrator who could get close to them and in doing so, have a greater karmic and energetic ability to help counter their manipulation of Humanity. In a sense a Divine rescue mission. This is very much what you are a part of and this includes many, many others including many outside of the Mercenary Army Program, such as your channel who are very much working in common with you and others on this problem. This is the most important work you could ever do and to work on healing this will be the culmination of your life contribution. If you and the others taking up this cause now are successful, the outcome will resonate for all of time in achievement. This is something that has tremendous importance and has failed in the past. You are closer than ever before and that is very worth knowing, because we do understand and appreciate that none of this is easy and carries with it many uncertainties, but we can reassure you that you are under Divine watch and we are working all the time to help keep you safe and protected from harm. This will enable you to continue your work and you will be very, very effective as you continue doing your healing outreach. It goes where it is intended and you could be sure that the benefits are mounting each and every time you make requests. This compounding is the way in which things will eventually shift and accelerate to move things forward. This is what is needed now to happen, reaching this kind of critical mass of healing requests through an aggregate of effort from multiple individuals. It is because the size of the problem and the beings involved is so enormous that it does demand and outsized healing outreach coming from The Human side of things to make sufficient difference energetically, but you are mounting more and more all the time together in the energies that are accumulating here and joining forces. This is what is needed and is working. The more you do, the better things will be and the sooner they will be implemented and reach a turning of the tide.

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